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Episode #105: Megan Volpert, editor of THIS ASSIGNMENT IS SO GAY

Episode #105!  Featuring Megan Volpert and poems by anthology contributors, Bonnie Kaplan and Douglas Ray.  Music by El Amparito.  




Megan Volpert is the author of five books on communication and popular culture, most notably about Andy Warhol. She has been teaching high school English in Atlanta for the better part of a decade, is currently serving as her school’s Teacher of the Year, and edited the American Library Association-honored anthology, This assignment is so gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching.




Episode #102: Bushra Rehman, author of CORONA

Episode #102! Featuring Bushra Rehman and music by El Amparito.


Bushra Rehman, originally from Corona, Queens, is the author of Corona (Sibling Rivalry Press) and co-editor of Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism (Seal Press, 2002). Rebecca Walker has called Colonize This! “a must for young women of color searching for themselves within contemporary feminist/womanist discourse, and anyone else who wants to get down with the fierceness of fly, intellectual divas of color.” Colonize This! was included in Ms. Magazine’s 100 Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time.” Her writing has also been featured on BBC Radio 4, WNYC, and KPFA and in The New York Times, India Currents, Crab Orchard Review, Sepia Mutiny, Color Lines, The Feminist Wire and Mizna: Prose, Poetry and Art Exploring Arab America.



Episode #52: Ocean Vuong, author of BURNINGS, on Weds. December 15th at 10 am PST

Join Rachelle as she talks with Ocean Vuong, author of BURNINGS.
This Wednesday, December 15th at 10 am PST, 1 pm EST

To listen live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onword

Born in 1988 in Saigon, Vietnam, Ocean Vuong is the author of Burnings (Sibling Rivalry Press 2011). He currently resides in New York City as an undergraduate English Major at Brooklyn College, CUNY. His poems have received an Academy of American Poets Prize, the Beatrice Dubin Rose Award, the Connecticut Poetry Society’s Al Savard Award, as well as four Pushcart Prize nominations. His work has been translated into Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, and Hindi. Poems appear in Word Riot, Diode, Lantern Review, SOFTBLOW, Asia Literary Review, and PANK among others. He blogs at www.oceanvuong.blogspot.com