Happy Fall!


Dear listeners,

We’re finally back from a long summer and ready for the fall season of TBJ (though it’s still 90 degrees in Southern California)!

In the next few months, we’re rolling out interviews with some really awesome writers and cartoonists, like Jen Wang, and reviews of fantastic poetry collections ( to start, T.J. Jarrett’s Ain’t No Grave), chapbooks (Michelle Peñaloza’s Landscape/Heartbreak), comics, graphic novels and more.

We’ve been podcasting for six years (!), and we’re still committed to our mission of spotlighting underrepresented, diverse voices in the writing world, from poetry to comics, and we want to continue and put out more content!

But we need your help.  We’re starting our Patreon fundraising campaign to pay for file hosting for our shows, postage to send out promo materials and books to our contributors,  a new website, a new microphone and more. We hope you’ll help us out.

Gracias, salamat, thank you for your support and for tuning in!



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