Episode #29: Dick Lourie on Friday, February 12th at 10 am PST

Join Rachelle as she chats with Dick Lourie

Friday, February 12th at 10 am PST

Listen live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onword

Copyright, Abby Freedman 2008

Dick Lourie’s poems have appeared in, among other places, ACM, Agni, Colorado State Review, Cottonwood, Exquisite Corpse, The Massachusetts Review, Ms, The Nation, Sun, Transfer, and Verse. Collections of his work have been published by the Crossing Press, the Unicorn Press, Radical America Press and Hanging Loose.

He is a founding editor (1966) of Hanging Loose magazine and press, and has been supervising editor for many of the press’s titles, including those by Sherman Alexie, Hettie Jones, and Jack Agueros. He has also played a large role in compiling and editing the four Hanging Loose anthologies of work by high school writers.

Lourie is a blues saxophone player as well as a poet; his latest book, If the Delta Was the Sea, is the result of his visits over the last twelve years to the town of Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta to perform with local blues musicians. Through research and oral history, the book delves into the music, the history, and the diverse cultures of the Delta.


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