Holiday Hiatus

Hi everyone!

Thanks for tuning in this year. I’m so grateful for all the poets and writers who’ve participated in The Blood-Jet Writing Hour. Thanks again to Rafael Alvarado for helping me started and organized! To revisit some of the episodes, featuring Tara Betts, Laurel Ann Bogen, the 2009 EV Fellows, Barbara Jane Reyes, Jayne Cortez, Paul Martinez Pompa, and many more, please click on the “Listen” page.

We’ll kick off the year on January 15th at 10 am PST with Chana Bloch. More poets and writers in 2010 are Ray Gonzalez, Alicia Ostriker, Richard Garcia, Dick Lourie, Ruth Forman, and Matthew Shenoda!

Stay tuned and happy holidays!

Thanks again for listening,